We Make Surgery Easy!

SurgerEase is a simple and efficient mobile management application for surgical scheduling, patient management and care team coordination.

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Greatly improve visibility over up coming cases and pending surgeries. Save time and money in staff time and communication management.


Simplify the communication and paperwork process for each patient. Provide timely reminders and physician selected education.

Surgeon Staff

Streamline the process for creating and managing a surgery. Reduce the amount of time spent on the phone setting up a case.

Save time and money,
with better coordination

SurgerEase is the only mobile communication system in health care that automates and streamlines the  process of scheduling a surgical procedure for the care team and patient, resulting in better coordination and reduced costs. We make every step of the surgery procedure better with smart workflows, processes, and communication, offering a simple and efficient management tool that will change the way surgical cases are coordinated.

  • Smart Schedules

    Schedule surgical cases in minutes not hours with smart templates and simple work flows.

  • Patient Notifications

    Automated patient notifications to keep your patient informed and keep your staff off the phone.

  • Documentation

    Manage all surgical documents both pre and post operative instructions and orders within the app.

  • Easy Communication

    Easily communicate with your care team and patient new surgeries, canceled surgeries or modified surgeries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions we receive from our users:

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    YES, If after 90 days you do not think our service will benefit you and your team we will refund all your money.

  • How do I get added to a Surgeon Team if I'm not part of the Surgeon's staff?

    To be added to a surgeon team you must receive an invitation from the team coordinator.

  • Why am I missing the new features?

    We are introducing new features monthly. Make sure you update regularly to take advantage of the new features.

  • Can I be on multiple teams?

    YES, you can be a member of multiple teams at the same time. You will needs to accept each new invite.

  • How do I confirm attendance at a case?

    When you are invited to a case you will need to open the app and accept the invite. It will confirm your attendance.

  • Are you HIPAA compliant?

    Yes we are HIPAA compliant with both our password protected app as well as our secure database.

Still have a question? Reach out to us:  info@surgerease.com


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